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Newborn care. Preparation Lessons

ChildOf course, you care about the health of the newborn, strive to nourish him alone good and freshly prepared foods. As, a idea of "eating rightly" in relation to a baby has a number of features. Babies's dishes enjoy their own laws.Boiled or steamed raw vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a small amount of h2o differ rich taste, and consistency of a tender. Besides, when such processing is perfect preserved vitamin. In no case did not saute, even dressing for soup or borscht.Without saline and sugar in all foods keep approximately of these natural ingredients, so teach your newborn to a organic taste. But we can safely add to the broth or puree - however it's a some bit of vegetable oil. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a baby. Breastfeeding Mom alcohol is banned

BabyAlcohol apply during fresh-feeding need be prohibited. A level of alcohol in the aging body rises about the size of an hour after eating, and for its complete removal askes some hours. After receiving the spirits, a newborn may become lethargic, depressed, or vice versa, to behave unusually efficacious and excited.  Baby. Like Baby.articles:Bath a child in a grassBabyService of a newborn. Allergies in ChildrenNewbornChild attention. Massage for childrenNewborn. Читать полностью -->

World of touch

BabyOne of a simplest, but it has enormous potential games - familiarity with the world of touch. In this game you can play literally from birth. Time in adults, it does not take nearly so neither requires particular equipment or making, particularly at first. We start to play, of course, at home.When you are carrying a child in a washroom or just go with him on his hand, spend it handle all the method across on surfaces (wall, cabinet, a skin jacket or a fur coat, a wooden coat rack or a metal best key). This gives the opportunity to learn more crumbs of what is around. And from what interesting materials done my mom's clothes: there are silk and wool, and velvet, and leather, and cotton and linen, synthetics and varied kid... Читать полностью -->

When to enter solid foods

ChildOn as well a newborn will be fed in the first year of life, depends on his health and his relationship with diet food in a next. So nurture a real connoisseur of healthy fresh food!More tasty and wholesome food for the newborn for the 1-st six weeks of life is my mum's milk. If for some reason the mum may not breastfeed, he has adapted to receive a high-capacity blend. But there comes a time when a growing aging body wants, and other food.You will recognize that it is time to enter solid foods for some best key criteria: interest in food adult, a ability to confidently sit, the face of the first tooth. As, it's time to To think of size however to input solid foods to the baby.  Alike posts:Newborn. LactationNewbornChild service. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a child. Can a nursing mum eat big bananas

NewbornCan I natural-feeding mom bananas, however effective (or useless) for herself and for her baby? Let's deal. Breast-feeding is very momentous in the your of mum and baby, because at this time of the baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of a digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, the baby does not keep enough enzymes to digest food faster, so - his mother need be especially attentive to a regime, especially if the child is fed only fresh milk her. Because a issue of whether a nursing mother to eat medium bananas, the answer is conditionally good. It is possible to, but in extremely small amounts, however it is quite heavy diet food. Many pediatricians are however generally recommend to refrain from eating ripe bananas until the baby is TWO-3 months. Читать полностью -->

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